Village/ impressions

... Théoule sur Mer:

Club "Juwelen des Europäischen Tourismus" Théoule-sur-Mer is beside a few other European villages in the club of the
"Juwels of European Tourism"!

Blick in die Bucht von Théoule sur Mer, 45 KB

nochmals Blick in die Bucht von Théoule sur Mer, 53 KB
... port Miramar:
Stadtzentrum Théoule sur Mer, 60 KB

Hafen von Théoule sur Mer/ Miramar, 65 KB

... beaches:






Sand beach for bathing?

Rock coast with bath bays to snorkels?

Beach chairs and sun screens at the beach?

Or rather your own airbed?

West or east along the coast (approx. 2 - 10 km) you will find everything!

Felsküste mit Badebuchten, 67 KB

Sandstrand, 27 KB

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